Fathers: It’s OK to be a great parent too

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In “All In,” Josh Levs argues that modern fathers want to have a great career AND be active and involved parents. The push to make it more socially acceptable for women to have great careers instead of being stay-at-home parents has not been reciprocated with a challenge to the stigma that the men feel if they want to be primary caregivers to their children. Here’s a great quote I wanted to share:

Summon the courage and confidence to do what’s right. Know that if you do, there will be men and women to support you. As dads, we still have an especially strong sense that providing financially is the most important thing we can do for our families. It isn’t. Showing your children how to stand up and fight for fairness—in a smart, determined way—is more important than giving them an iPad or taking them on costly vacations.

While it’s certainly important to have a long-term retirement plan, what I got from reading Levs’ book is that it’s OK to dial back the rat race scramble for maximizing income, in exchange to be a more active and engaged father.

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