Sugar’s in Everything!

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My wife and I spend a pretty penny buying and eating organic food each month. I was under the impression its automatically healthy because its organic. We recent watched That Sugar Film (it’s like Supersize Me, but for sugar) and learned … Continued

Friends’ Book Sale Underway

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The Friends of the East Greenbush Community Library successfully began it’s Spring book sale. The Friends support the Library with funding and advocacy for supplemental community educational programs.

Hope XI: Coming up!

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The first 100 tickets for Hope XI went on sale on 11 November at 11:11. The special presale sold tickets at $100, and those lucky enough to purchase did so in a matter of between 3 and 4 seconds. I’m surprised to … Continued

Tech Interests

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When I’m not working or spending time with my family, here’s what I’m working on:  Asterisk No, your call will be monitored or recorded DIY GSM-based DID in a foreign country Bitcoin mining

Reading list

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Read PostgresQL book Read remainder of consulting books Read WordPress book (to help me improve this site) Read Passionate Programmer book

Professional Goals

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PHP: Magento Certified. Learn WordPress design and development (to help with this site). Familiarize with Zend 2, CakePHP, Laravel, and other PHP-based frameworks. Ruby JS: require.js, underscore.js, backbone.js, Node.js, angular.js? Perl: DBIx::Class, Moose, Catalyst/Dancer2